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While most plumbing companies still fix pipes by digging them up, Melbourne 24Hr Plumbing uses the latest technology, called ‘pipe relining’, to fix pipes without ruining your landscaping or digging up your driveway. Already used in Europe and the US for decades, pipe relining has only been recently introduced in Melbourne, Australia.

The advantages of Melbourne 24Hr Plumbing’s pipe relining and repair method include the ability to repair damaged and broken drains without the need for messy and costly excavation. Pipe relining is crucial in areas where digging or access is inconvenient or simply not an option. We provide the best cost-effective solution to internal wall pipeline repairs using the latest and most advanced epoxy pipe relining technology in Melbourne. Professional solutions to blocked drains, or pipes plagued with roots or dirt, Melbourne 24Hr Plumbing can meet all pipe relining requirements in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. You won’t have to worry about your garden being destroyed in the course of invasive plumbing works, nor will you have to worry about damage or destruction to your bathroom, toilet, laundry, driveways. ‘No Dig’ Pipe relining is also perfect for hard-to-reach pipes. Our ‘No Dig’ approach can repair pipes and drains in locations that would be mostly unreachable by conventional means. It is also by far the cleanest, least intrusive methods of pipe repair in Melbourne.

How Pipe Relining Works

Pipe relining involves putting a new pipe liner inside of an existing pipe. A flexible liner is inserted through a small hole in the ground and pulled through the required length of your pipe. When the liner is in position, we inflate it to fill tihe cavity, then fill the liner with the special epoxy resin which is cured in place and hardens to create a new, strong PVC pipe. The new liner makes your drain smooth, preventing waste solids from becoming stuck. It also effectively prevents future cracking and damage.

The liner, which is made of a mixture of epoxy, polyester and resin, has an engineered design life of 50 years, so you can rest assured your drain will work as good as new, and we do all this without having to dig around your property.

At Melbourne 24Hr Plumbing, we always use the best pipe relining solution and equipment fully approved to Australian standards and AS/NZ codes and regulations.

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