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Have you heard of CCTV cameras being used for drains inspection? In the past, pipes had to be dug up and inspected by a plumber to determine and fix the problem. Pipe lining inspection can be a very daunting task when done using traditional methods. At Melbourne 24 Hr Plumbing, Don and his team of camera technicians carry out inspections of underground pipes using CCTV drain cameras.

The CCTV drain camera goes down into the pipes to conduct the drain inspection and shows our specialist plumbing team exactly what’s going on under the ground. Using this drain camera system allows our team to clearly see and identify issues such as damage in the pipes or what’s causing a blocked drainage. We can then proceed with using specialist drain cleaning equipment to fix it

By using modern technology, inspection is performed efficiently without the need for intrusive excavations causing interruption to your daily activities. We can easily conduct a video inspection that will help uncover problems in your sewer and stormwater pipes. Aside from being helpful in fixing drain issues, it can also be used for inspection and maintenance of your pipes to detect potential issues and problem areas in your plumbing system. We understand that a CCTV drain camera inspection isn’t exactly cheap, that’s why we offer some of the most competitive rates in the Melbourne region.

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If you need a CCTV inspection to uncover problems with your plumbing network, call us on 0419 990 092 today.

How Does A Drain Camera Work?

A drain camera pipe inspection is a method of using video by having a specially built waterproof video camera that sits at the tip of a flexible rod is inserted into the pipe to complete internal inspection of underground assets such as sewers and difficult to reach pipes.

The flexible rod allows the camera to travel through the pipe. We then insert the CCTV into the drainage while sending back images in real time to a monitor on the surface. We are also able to make a digital recording of the inspection for future reference.

Our drain or sewer camera is equipped with bright LED lights that completely illuminate the inside of the pipe to reveal any blockage sources, cracks or structural problems. A radio transmitter inside the camera records the underground depth and precise physical location of any defects or obstructions in the pipe. Drain camera inspections are a great way for us to accurately diagnose any problems and present cost-effective treatment or repair options for our customers. It allows us to identify leaks and other problems in your plumbing, which can lead to damage in your property if repairs aren’t done on time.

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Did you know that unblocking drains Melbourne no longer needs to be a hassle? At Melbourne 24 HR Plumbing, we have a team of qualified plumbers on standby, ready help you any hour of the day or night. Our plumbers work all over Melbourne, here to unclog drains, unblock pipes, and more.

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