Blocked Drains Melbourne

Got a blocked drains emergency in the middle of the night? Do you need a plumber to clear your blocked drains in Melbourne?

Drain Unblocking Melbourne Trusts

Whether it’s a blocked sink or a blocked sewer (or your drains just smell nasty), Melbourne 24Hr Plumbing will identify and remove the cause effectively and without any fuss. Melbourne 24Hr Plumbing is owned and operated by Donald Arscott, a fully licensed and experienced plumber who can attend to all aspects of drainage problems. 

Using the latest high-tech plumbing equipment, years of experience clearing blocked drains and a friendly can-do attitude, Don and his team of licensed plumbers can fix quickly and effectively. Our team specialises in clearing and repairing drains for residential and commercial properties. 

How To Fix Blocked Drains Melbourne


  • We first identify the blockage in order to select the right drain clearing method.
  • Clear the blockage using a hydro plunger, an electric eel or a high pressure water jet.
  • Once the drain is unblocked, we can use a camera to view the cause of the blockage, whether it be a cracked pipe or tree roots. The entire inspection can be recorded in high definition to a USB flash drive for your convenience.
  • We can use a radio frequency locator to identify the exact location of the fault including its depth.
  • If tree roots are the cause of the blockage, the pipes can be treated with herbicidal foam that kills the roots without harming the tree.
  • If the pipe has been damaged and requires repair, we can use a locator to pinpoint the area that requires repair and then dig up and fix the issue with minimal mess. Drain repairs should be done as soon as possible as they often lead to backflow issues which can lead to further damage of your home.

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What Is Hydrojetting?


Hydrojetting utilises a high pressure stream of water pumped through a sprayer head and hose, which allows us to reach every inch of the pipe. The pressure is high enough to remove any type of blockage and clean the interior walls of the pipe, too.

There are a variety of attachments that can be fitted to the hose that correspond to the type and size of the pipe as well as the suspected blockage type. Hydrojetting is without a doubt the most modern and efficient way to clear a blocked drain.

Over many years Melbourne 24Hr Plumbing has built a reputation for effectively unblocking any kind of drain in Melbourne on time and at a great price point.

Customer Feedback

Had to call out on Sunday. They came within one hour and did a great job. Fair prices,
Susann Huebner

Unblocking Drains Melbourne

Did you know that unblocking drains Melbourne no longer needs to be a hassle? At Melbourne 24 HR Plumbing, we have a team of qualified plumbers on standby, ready help you any hour of the day or night. Our plumbers work all over Melbourne, here to unclog drains, unblock pipes, and more.


When you need to clear clogged drain, remember Melbourne 24 HR Plumbing for fast drain unblocking you can trust. Call the team today on 0419 990 092.